27 Weeks

Ah, the last week of the second trimester! How fast this pregnancy is going! The major thing I’ve noticed lately is the shortness of breath after doing stairs or walking too fast (seriously though).

Little buddy is very active lately! He moves around a lot. I’ve tried the flashlight trick against my stomach since his eyes are open now and it’s pretty cute! He attacks it with such curiosity. He’s the size of a bunch of bananas, and over 2 pounds!

He’s been very interested in voices lately. When he hears Evy, he moves more. He likes listening to Brian read stories.

I’ve been pretty impressed with myself in yoga class lately. Despite my center of gravity being off, I can do challenging balance poses like warrior 3 and even dancer’s pose!

My anxiety level has been elevated for about 3 weeks now, and I’m due for a therapy session. I’m trying to be proactive with my mental health, but stresses have gone unchecked a little too long.

I haven’t been clearing the junk out of my head like I should be and my sleep is suffering. I don’t want my anxiety levels to affect my baby and that means adding a more self-care to my routine right now.

Yoga helps a lot, and so does writing (and reading!) but I probably could use a massage. A woman in my small group gave me a coupon for a prenatal massage, but with a toddler and a tight budget, I’m not sure I’ll actually be able to use it.


  1. Brenda says:

    Glad your doing well!❤️

    1. Deena Safari says:

      For the most part! I just have different issues this time around! Pregnancy is so fun. 😁

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