Ireland (Part 4) – Trinity College and Oscar Wilde House

Do you want to feel like you stepped about 200 years back in the past without giving up any luxuries? Well, just head over to Trinity College in Dublin and you’ll get to experience that. Seriously, I was so floored by the size and architecture of this place.

It was one of the few places Brian got to experience with me, and I’m glad he got to. Walking around the campus was so neat. It felt like a college, but how I imagine something like Harvard or Yale does. (I wouldn’t know) I mean, look at this courtyard. I don’t know what the brass ball thing is, but it reminded me of the reflective bean thing in Chicago.

I don’t know that I can 100% describe the feeling of walking into the long room. You get to see a small museum where the Book of Kells is kept first, but you can’t take pictures in there. It makes sense, but it’s such a shame because the Book of Kells is exceptional. It’s basically a 9th century illustrated bible.

When we were there, the cruxifixction and feeding of the five thousand were the pages on display. I was amazed at the intricate illustrations in the margins and looping all over the page.

It was colorful and imaginative, even more miraculous when you consider the time period it was created. We’re talking Roman legions running the British isles. Druids. That kind of stuff.

Think King Arthur.

And then of course, you go up some stairs and are met with this view. Take it in. It’s just as incredible as you think it’ll be. The room was so much bigger than I imagined and I don’t know why that was surprising since it’s literally called “The Long Room.”

There were some medieval books you could take pictures of in this room. They’re below. The crazy thing is that these are from the 12th and 14th centuries. It’s not like that’s not amazing.

But you can kind of see some of the illustrations that are similar to the Book of Kells in them, too. Look at the beautiful scrolling and details. It’s so pretty you’d never imagine someone from so long in the past having the luxury of doing it.

Those times were hard. People suffered their whole lives with ailments and the elements only to usually die young. And yet there were people in that time with artistic ability and vision to make such a memorable creation for us to appreciate centuries later. So freaking cool.

After nearly fainting from seeing so many awe-inspiring things, we needed a little more humor and humanity to bring us down to earth.

Luckily Oscar Wilde’s old house was really close to the college and we swung by for a photo. His house is on a busy corner, so it was hard to get this picture. Brian almost had to stand in the street to get it because people kept walking by and the sidewalk is kind of narrow there.

Right across the street from this is a statue of him chilling on a rock. I tried to strike the same pose. There was also a statue of a naked pregnant woman on a pillar filled with quotes from his works!

Even though it was really cold, seeing such powerful, charming sights warmed us from the inside out!

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